Extend frontexpress via plugins.

Available plugins
frontexpress-path-to-regexp Add the ability to support Express-style path string such as /user/:name, /user*...

Others are coming

Create your own plugin

It consists to simply create an object with two properties: - name: the name of your plugin - plugin: the function containing the implementation

Let's assume that we have implemented this plugin in the frontexpress-my-plugin.js file as below:

export default {
  name: 'My plugin',
  plugin(app) {
    // the plugin implementation goes here

    // Some ideas
    // you can get settings
    // const transformer = app.get('http GET transformer');
    // you can set settings
    // app.set('http requester', {
    //   fetch() {
    //     ...
    //   }});
    // you can complete routes
    // app.get(...)

To use it:

import frontexpress from 'frontexpress';
import myPlugin from 'frontexpress-my-plugin';

// Front-end application
const app = frontexpress();

// tell to frontexpress to use your plugin