Chain middlewares

You can provide multiple middleware functions on a navigation path. Invoking next() function allows to chain the middlewares. At the opposite, when the next() method is not called the chain is stopped.

const m1 = (req, res, next) => { console.log('m1!'); next(); };
const m2 = (req, res, next) => { console.log('m2!') };
const m3 = (req, res, next) => { console.log('m3!'); next(); };

app.get('/example/a', m1);
app.get('/example/a', m2);
app.get('/example/a', m3);

On navigation on path /example/a, the browser console displays the following:


m3 is ignored because next() function was not invoked.

Also, you can create chainable route middlewares for a route path by using app.route().

 .get((req, res) => { console.log('Get a random book') })
 .post((req, res) => { console.log('Add a book') })
 .put((req, res) => { console.log('Update the book') });